Hey! Thanks For Coming Along To Check Out My Site!

Ok, a few bits about me. I guess you could say I'm an entrepreneur of sorts. The idea of getting a degree and spending life in an office is something that never really appealed to me, although I did try the college thing....twice. At the moment, photography is where I'm focusing most of my energy, and with the recent descent into non-college life, the road ahead looks very exciting. While I enjoy a whole host of things apart from photography, travelling is always top of the list. It's something that I've become a little addicted to now, and it's fair to say that it's steadily getting worse. 


Above all, stress is something I tend to avoid with great diligence. The words "it'll be grand", are used quite often between myself and my couples. Laid back and chilled out is the way I've tried to operate ever since I stumbled upon wedding photography 4 years ago. My main aim, during every wedding, is to stay out of your way, so you spend more time with your friends, and less time in front of the camera.


If you're still with me after all that, and you think I might be the right guy to photograph your wedding day, fill out the form on the "Get in Touch" page and we can have a chat about your wedding plans. 

Looking forward to hearing from you,