Ok, a few bits about me.

I take photos. Why?

*Please insert usual contrived love story with excessively grandeuse language here* 

It's a lifestyle choice really. The idea of a 9-5 job sounds about as appealing as scratching nails on a blackboard. Random road trips on a Wednesday afternoon are much more important to me than regular pay-cheques. Plus, being a self employed wedding photographer, there's rarely ever a need to set alarms or get rush hour buses. I generally start work at the office (The Building Block - A feckin incredible alternative to working from home) at a comfortable 11am. I tend to doddle about, editing photos, replying to emails, listening to podcasts, and working on some random bits and pieces (I also run a clothes company with my mate) until I feel obliged to go home around 10/11pm. The long hours at certain points also lead to loads of time off. Working until 11pm is totally cool when you can take 2/3 months off per year for some adventures. 

What more could you want really. It's as close to my dream job as I can imagine.

Decent portrait of yours truly as shot by Caroline from  Pink Lime  in Mount Druid.

Decent portrait of yours truly as shot by Caroline from Pink Lime in Mount Druid.


As you can probably tell by now, I like to avoid stress wherever possible. This philosophy influences how I shoot weddings quite heavily. With good communication leading up to the day, events always tend to run smoothly. With a cool easy going couple who just want to get a nice documentation of their wedding day, there's nothing to add difficulties really. When it comes to the couples portraits (the scary part for most people), I'll offer some guidance & direction, but don't be hoping for any Calvin Klein-eque poses. I don't expect anyone to have a professional modelling contract on their CV so we'll shoot accordingly! No pressure....seriously!

So I guess that should give you a basic idea of how I operate. There's obviously loads more I could say but you'd be reading all day. If my chill-at-all-costs attitude scares you away, that's totally fine. I'm not expecting to be the perfect match for everyone, but if you're some laid back people with a love for fun and a tasteful amount of shitetalk, I think we'll get along great!

If you'd like to get in touch, head over here and fill out a quick form and we'll have a chat.

Regards, Jimmy


Maybe check out my Instagram if you want to get a feel for what I'm like on the daily. 

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