Thanks for stopping by to check out my website. Double thanks for getting this far!

So, why do I do this? 

The answer is simple. Because I feckin’ love it. 

Photography and Humans are the two things I find most fascinating in this world. (Honourable mention to travel, festivals, music & cars). Being able to combine my passion for cameras & taking photos with my love of people, their expressions and emotions, makes this a dream job. 

If there was ever a place to witness the whole range of human expression, a wedding is exactly where you need to be. They’re a wonderful, varied and exciting celebration. Getting access to such a colourful day is a real privilege and being able to record them for the past 6 years has been a joy. 

Moving away from the photography end of things, this job also allows for a really enjoyable lifestyle. In the mornings you’ll often find me on the beautiful Dunmoran Strand going for a good long run followed by a fairly mediocre “swim”. Afternoon’s are spent at home working on some wedding edits or on some email bits. Evenings are for friends or enjoying some music somewhere in Sligo or Strandhill.

I try and keep life as chilled and fun as possible, and this is exactly how I like approach my photography. I don’t want to be the autocratic and intimidating photographer.

Work is better that way.

That’s me! By Caroline from Pink Lime Productions in Mount Druid.

That’s me! By Caroline from Pink Lime Productions in Mount Druid.